From Kushi's Clients

  • Client : Rozani Seedin

  • Event : Butterflies and Birds themed Birthday Party

  • Details : On 10th September 2016 at a private residence in Moorabbin, Melbourne

A special thank you goes to Kushi for helping us plan our daughters 1st birthday.. You did a brilliant job with the decor and we loved it..I would highly recommend Kushi.. She is pleasant and easy to work with and really understood what we were after..


  • Client : Bhagya Athauda

  • Event : Baby Shower

  • Details : On 3rd September 2016 at a private residence in Bentleigh East, Melbourne

Kushi a bigggg thank you for your awesome set up for my baby shower. Its AMAZING how you managed to sneak in to my place while I was away and get it all set up in such short time. The set up was breathtaking and it was as you read my mind. Without a word with me you delivered exactly what I would wanted. Thats great service and not many can deliver this level of customer satisfaction. 😘😘😘😘😘Thank you for the wonderful surprise. It truly shows how much you love your job and your passion. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Hire her! You will not be disappointed.


  • Client : Iyanka Cooray

  • Event : Baby Shower

  • Details : On December 2015 in London, United Kingdom

A masive thank you to Kushi Event Planning for helping me plan a baby shower for my wife. Great to work with from start to finish, and would recommend you to anyone who's looking to organize any kind of event. Thanks again!


  • Client : Seshi and Madhava Wijayaratne

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 17th December 2015 at The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

We would love to thank our dear friend Kushi, who coordinated everything for us on our wedding day. Being the true professional she is, she got involved with everything we were planning and made sure she knew everything we wanted and how it it should work on the day. Madhava and i had nothing to worry about and we got to enjoy our big day stress free. Oh and we loved the letters you did for us on the dance floor :) Thanks again and keep up the great work!


  • Client : Rivindi and Rajitha Kalupahana

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 17th December 2015 at The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hey Kushi,

This post long overdue (I'm so Sorry). Thank you so much for everything you had done last year. Your hard work and attention to details was very evident on the day. Rajitha and I had a great day last year. Here are some of the photographs from the day(courtesy cloud attic) which are proof for all to see of your great work. Thank you again for being there for us during every step of our organisation. You were just GREAT!!! Do not hesitate in hiring Kushi for anything you are planning-you will be absolutely amazed at her patience and creativity.

Hope you have a great Christmas and a Very Happy New year!!!

Rivindi & Rajitha


  • Client : Alexandra and Dhanushka Haputhanthri

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 27th December 2015 at Earls Court - Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo, Sri Lanka


I cannot properly express Dhanushka and my thanks to you for planning and executing “the best wedding ever”. 

First, I never imagined my wedding would ever live up to that phrase, but the day after the wedding, on December 28, Dhanushka and I looked at each other – already reminiscing about our most memorable day to date – and said, for us, we just attended “the best wedding ever”. Clearly, we must be biased. But never did I imagine my friends would come and tell me they went to “the best wedding ever”. Honestly, all I wanted was for Dhanushka and me to celebrate our love and new chapter ahead and for our friends and family to be able to witness it and ENJOY the party that honors it. I wanted everyone to ENJOY – and they beyond enjoyed!! Dhanushka and I are so appreciative to you for that.

I’m so thankful and grateful Dhanushka reached out to you and you accepted our request to plan and coordinate our wedding with less than nine months to spare, not even hesitating about the oceans that separated us in the process. 

From the beginning, I gave you a million ideas of everything I had ever enjoyed – from rustic to romantic and anything and everything in between. Aside from my indecisive tendencies, I was skeptical and cautious. I wasn’t sure if you could meet my expectations because I will admit, I can be very critical. However, I can tell you, Kushi, you beyond delivered and you exceeded my expectations. My parents, Dhanushka’s parents, and countless friends, had nothing but the best of compliments for you and how you conducted yourself and coordinated our ceremony on a day with last minute changes from everything outside to inside. You were running around yet somehow managed to check in on Dhanushka and I multiple times to make sure we were not stressed out. You were always making sure you had a “happy bride”. Kushi, I am an ECSTATIC bride!!!

You scheduled so many appointments and kept Dhanushka and I on a schedule that allowed us to balance family, friends, and wedding planning all together. You truly heard my voice – practically held my hand during makeup trials, magically provided a cake tasting that is unheard of in Sri Lanka, and managed to set up a cocktail run through the day before our wedding.
You are meticulous, detail-oriented, organized, and passionate about what you do. You listen, care, and have creative ideas that made our dream day a reality.

You never forgot or balked at my crazy requests – from a chicken breast only dish to changing from heels to TOMs after my first dance with Dhanushka. 

I danced the night away – STRESS-FREE – because you shielded Dhanushka and me from any potential chaos. Out of a million happy memories on December 27, 2015, I am so glad we got to dance together and snap a pic.

Thank you for introducing us to vendors that were as detail-oriented and as passionate as you are about what you do. Thank you for your endless patience when we were routinely late for our appointments. Thank you for keeping us on track through to the big day!

I could go on much longer about all your strengths, but in a nutshell – your work is impeccable and you are top-notch. The real deal. Should I ever have another “big event” that requires a party/planner – you’re the only one for me! So please be prepared to come to the U.S. to make it happen!

In a heartbeat, I would recommend you to any bride looking for a wedding planner who is not only the consummate professional and loaded with great connections, but creative, organized, and with the highest standards. Thank you again from Dhanushka and me for making our dream wedding a reality.

We truly believe in you and the business you have started and wish you all the best!

Lexie & Dhanushka


  • Client : Nirali and Darshil Mehta

  • Event : Baby Shower

  • Details : On 29th August 2015 at a private residence at Epping, Melbourne

We would like to thank Kushi for organising wonderful babyshower and making our occasion so special and memorable!! We just told Kushi we would like yellow and olive green colours as colour combination and end result she gave was amazing!! Love your work Kush specially Your detailing and perfection in work Keep it up the great work!!


  • Client : Aroosha and Dion Molamure

  • Event : Mehndi ceremony

  • Details : On 30th May 2015 at Glen Waverley Community Centre

I was lucky enough to work with Kushi and get her expertise on planning my henna night for my wedding. She provided excellent service from the initial lead up to the follow up meetings and on the day. she gave me piece of mind that everything was under control and ensured everything was to my standard! I Would recommend her highly for anyone looking for a person who understands the stresses of weddings and gives advice to ensure it all goes to plan!


  • Client : Katpaham Shantikumar

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 7th February 2015 at Ultima Function Centre, Keilor East- Melbourne

It was an absolute pleasure working with Kushi. When my husband decided to move to New Zealand about 7 months before our intended wedding in Australia, we knew we had to get help to organize the event as I was based in South Africa and thus neither of us were based in Australia. Although we had already decided to have the wedding in Australia, one of the primary reasons we decided to do it in Melbourne, in spite of knowing very few people there was because Pranavan knew Kushi through mutual friends. It’s a decision we haven’t regretted in the slightest as Kushi made it logistically quite simple and did amazingly in managing input from three different time zones. Her professionalism and approach should be highly commended. She was always eager to execute our ideas where feasible and was willing to go the extra mile to try and make it happen even if it wasn’t. We would never have been able to get things done if it wasn’t for her and are extremely appreciative of the lengths she went to, to do things such as book accommodation for the multitudes of people that converge onto a destination wedding and also struggle with customs to clear cutlery that we had ordered from Hong Kong.

On the day, she was extremely flexible in dealing with unforeseen circumstances. Moe importantly for us, Kushi was extremely approachable such that all our family and friends felt comfortable enough to approach her for questions and requests which took a significant burden off the both of us. This resulted in us being completely relaxed and smiling on our wedding day, ensuring that we enjoyed and lived each moment. It was a pleasure working with you Kushi, thank you for allowing us to live our dream wedding.


  • Client : Prabashi Colonne

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 2nd January 2015 at Kingsburry Hotel, Colombo- Sri Lanka.

I couldn't be more thankful for having my friend Kushi as my wedding coordinator..who actually ended up taking over most of the planning as well. She definitely knows how to run the big day and make is stress free for everyone.

We had such a fun time at our own wedding and often we forgot it was our wedding because we didn't have to worry about anything that day. We got to the hotel with the bridal party and relaxed in our rooms while she took care of all deliveries and everything else going on.

During the wedding she kept us moving according to the agenda and thanks to her we enjoyed our night! I highly recommend getting her to plan the wedding as it is so so worth it..specially if you want to enjoy the day! Great work Kushi! Love ya!


  • Client : Dilly Ranatunga

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 11th December 2014 at The Grand Ballroom- Jaic Hilton, Colombo- Sri Lanka.

After getting engaged Shan and i were very excited to plan our wedding. But it turned out to be a very hard and stressful job. We were living in Melbourne, planning a wedding in sri lanka. We didnt know any contacts and who were doing what. We were very stressed until we met Kushi. She was so easy going and flexible and knew what she was doing. We didnt have to meet often as she knew what i wanted straight away. We were very happy to let kushi manage the whole wedding.

She came with us to go to sri lanka and made appointments before leaving Melbourne. She came with us for all the appointments and made it very easy for us. We didnt have to worry about anything and we were stress free and had a good time in lanka without having to run here and there for the wedding stuff. Kushi coordinated the whole wedding and we didnt have to worry about anything during the wedding as well. She managed everything by herself and did an excellent job.

We are more than happy to recommend kushi to anyone. She's an amazing, talented person who made it very easy for us from the beginning and without her we would have been lost. Thank you kushi for everything you did for us.

Dilly and Shan


  • Client : Laura Merigan

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 1st November 2014 at Sandown Park Hotel in Nobel Park, Melbourne- Australia.

There are no words that can express the depth of appreciation for all your hard work...YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!
I truly do not believe that we would have been able to pull off the magical, joyous, love-filled, beautiful wedding that was our vision-come-to-life without you.
When people would say “You seem really relaxed for a bride” I would reply, "Its all thanks to Kushi."
Working with you was such a pleasure and I will be highly recommending your services.

 Mrs Laura.M


  • Client : Dinali Jayatilleke

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 15th August 2014 at "Cinnamon Grand Hotel" in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Asking Kushi to be our wedding planner and coordinator was the second best decision I made regarding our wedding (the first being agreeing to marry my gorgeous husband!).

From my very first meeting with Kushi I felt at ease. She was so organised and seemed to know everything about wedding planning! Her gentle, friendly manner made our meetings (and planning in general) an absolute joy. And this was no mean feat, given that we were planning a wedding in Sri Lanka from Australia!
Once I described what we wanted for the day Kushi was able to source contacts– someone to make the invitations, tailors, cakemakers, florists, wedding bands, hire cars, videographers, make-up artists and hair dressers. They were all people she had worked with previously, trusted, and could vouch for their work and professionalism.

During the planning process Kushi kept us up to date on new developments and always made time to answer questions and put any anxieties to rest. When I arrived in Sri Lanka a week before the wedding there were a number of appointments with service providers which had been pre-booked by Kushi months earlier. She attended every appointment with me, and even did some meetings on her own to give me a bit of a break.

The wedding day itself went off without a hitch. The space was more elegant than I had ever imagined. From the Poruwa, to the flower arrangements, to the cake, everything was perfect. My wedding sari was the most beautiful thing I have ever worn, you never would have known it had been made in only 4 days! The Cutting Station make-up team did not let us leave until everyone was looking their best, the band Black had us all dancing, young and old, and Dhanush’s video crew had us smiling from the get-go.
We were so impressed by everyone’s professionalism. And the entire team had been assembled by Kushi.

When I think of my wedding day what I relive is the excitement of the day, the utter joy at seeing my husband- to-be for the first time, the pride of being walked down the aisle by my parents in front of all my closest family and friends. The tears were all happy ones.
Kushi I have no words to describe your pure talent or your beautiful demeanour.

You are incredible.


  • Client : Chaminda and Subha Aponso

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 15th February 2014 at "Cable Bay Vineyard" in Waiheke, New Zealand

Having Kushi coordinate our wedding day was one of the best decisions we made. We could just relax, spend time with family and friends & enjoy our special day knowing very well that Kushi was there just sorting things out!

Our wedding ceremony took place in St Patrick’s Cathedral in Auckland and the reception was in Waiheke island which is a short intimate ferry ride from Auckland city. Even though it was well planned out there was a tight schedule for our guests to make their way to the ferry terminal and on board on time for the ferry. Our worry that people were going to get left behind, people getting waylaid on the way there but Kushi and team made sure things ran smoothly as they could have.

There were numerous details that required coordinating for the wedding and Kushi did an amazing job. She communicated well with the venue, organized transport and also helped with setting up the amazing venue displays precisely and swiftly given the time constraints.

Even though we know Kushi on a personal level, throughout the wedding she coordinated in an extremely professional manner. She is talented, hardworking, and remarkably well organised. We would highly recommend Kushi to our family and friends to plan and coordinate their day!

Dear Kushi, We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing job you did in coordinating our wedding! You made the day stress free allowing us to enjoy our wedding day without a single worry!

Lots of love,
Chaminda and Subha


  • Client : Raj and Mierium Nagarajah

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 10th February 2014 at "Leonda By The Yarra" in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia

"One word to describe Kushi’s work, effort and commitment – “magnificent”

We hired Kushi as our wedding day planner and she was the absolute reason that enabled us to enjoy the day of the wedding. She met with us once to go through our draft plan on the day and from thereon in all communications was handled via electronic methods which made it so much easier to collate the information she needed for the day. 

On the day of our wedding, Kushi made sure all elements leading up to the ceremony and reception flowed smoothly. She ensured all the suppliers were contacted and delivered their service as promised. We had absolutely nothing to worry about!!!

Kushi’s ability to get people to work well with her and under pressure is admirable. She took on all the responsibilities and handled it so well that I hardly found one thing that went wrong on the day of our wedding. Kushi’s passion for coordinating events coupled with her courteous character made it the best experience we had with a wedding planner.

We vouch for her work and no doubt we will recommend her to all our friends!!!!


  • Client : Dili Fernando

  • Event : Birthday Party

  • Details : On 1st February 2014 at a private residence in East Bentleigh, Melbourne, Australia

Hi Kushi

This is a very belated and a big thank you for the wonderful job you did decorating my b’day party.

It was so easy dealing with her from the beginning to the end. From the initial conversation we had about the party it was all about what ‘I envisioned’ it to be like and how I pictured the day to plan out.
She was very thorough and creative in the details for the decorations and was very open to throwing around ideas till it resembled the look and feel I expected. She also went in to the trouble of getting some of the decorations specially made for the party which matched the theme perfectly.

Even with an unforeseen urgent personal matter which meant she had to be away the weekend of the party, Kushi ensured she made arrangements to stay behind to set up all decorations and check thoroughly before she left. This is a credit to her professionalism. She was very organised and ensured all the decorations were set up on time and as planned which made the whole process hassle free.

Once again, thank you very much Kushi for your excellent service! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to plan any type of festive event and wants it to be hassle free!!



  • Client : Taryna and Indrajith Pethiyagoda

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 2nd January 2014 at "Earl's Court Ballroom" in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dear Kushi,

Taryna and I have been straining our brains trying to find the most suitable words to thank you for the fantastic job you did in planning our wedding and ensuring that every little detail of the plan was executed with such meticulous precision.

You ensured that every invitee was cordially received, that dancers, DJ, photographers, videographers and all other service providers were fully motivated to give their best and consequently we were so happy that our wedding day ended as a memorable event.
We are indebted to you Kushi, for making this day the happiest of our lives by allowing us to enjoy everything that you incorporated in to your plan, without for a moment allowing us to worry about anything that you so efficiently organised.

Our family members and all our friends especially appreciated the most efficient planning that you put in to practice with such excellent results. 

We are sincerely grateful to you for making our wedding day such a happy and beautiful one - a day that we will never forget.

Taryna & Indrajith


  • Client : Mega and Lahiru Wijewardhana

  • Event : Brids themed birthday party

  • Details : On 22nd December 2013 at "Howick Fencible Lounge" in Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

Kushi did an amazing job with organising our daughter's bird-themed first birthday party.

We were blown away by the amount of effort she put into hand-making all of the decorations, and appreciated her coming to New Zealand to deliver the decorations. Although she couldn't be here on the day of the birthday, she sent us step-by-step instructions with photos about how to set up the decorations and tables. This made everything so much easier for us.

We didn't have to worry about a single detail, because Kushi took care of everything.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, everything was perfect!

Mega, Lahiru and Kaavya


  • Client : Natasha Peters

  • Event : Zoo animal themed birthday party

  • Details : On 14th December 2013 at "The Springers Leisure Centre" in Keysborough, Melbourne, Australia

Hi Kushi,

Thanks for making the beautiful decorations for my son Zander's first birthday party. We were really impressed with the level of professionalism you exhibited in terms of meeting us at the venue to gain an understanding of our requirements as well as explaining to us in detail how each area of the venue should be set up.

We found the whole process hassle free in that we just met with you and told you what our theme was and some of our favorite colours and you just took it from there and delivered something we were very happy with. 

Many of our guests commented on how beautiful the decorations were and we would definitely recommend you to all our friends. 

Thanks so much.
Natasha and Calvin


  • Client : Kanupriya Sharma

  • Event : Owl themed birthday party

  • Details : On 29th September 2013 at "The Club"in Caroline Springs, Melbourne, Australia

First birthdays are always special and cherished all throughout our lives. 

Kushi helped me organise my daughter's first owl themed birthday and made it look so glamorous yet sophisticated. The venue looked stunning and everything went really well. She is someone who puts in love and affection into her work and would handle every task minutely. 

Kushi has been remarkably cooperative, kind, professional, proactive and cater to all your event needs according to the budget. You give her a theme and it's amazing to see how she plays with colours and produces some master artwork decor pieces.

I would highly recommend her services to my friends, family and would surely like her to plan and organise my daughter's second birthday too. 

Thanks Kushi! Great work!


  • Client : Dinushi Silva

  • Event : Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party

  • Details : On 18th August 2013 at a private residence in Melbourne, Australia

Kushi did a phenomenal job in planning my four year old daughters 'strawberry shortcake' themed birthday party. 
She worked tirelessly to ensure that every minute detail was perfect. My home was transformed into a strawberry shortcake paradise and my daughter and her friends had a lovely time. I was especially impressed by her organisation and professionalism throughout the entire planning process. 
Kushi was present for the duration of the party ensuring that everything went smoothly. I received excellent feedback from all my guests. 
She genuinely loves what she does and takes the stress out of planning an event. I will most certainly be using her expertise in planning any future events and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her. 
Thank you once again Kushi.


  • Client : Anushka Cooray

  • Event : Superman themed birthday party

  • Details : On 29th June 2013 at Hughesdale Community Centre in Melbourne, Australia

Kushi helped us organize our son's

1st Birthday for the theme "Superman". She was very organized and kept us up to date with every detail. Her planning helped us enormously and everything was perfect on the day of the event. Well done Kushi!!!

Anushka & Ravi


  • Client : Dulani Vithana

  • Event : Madagascar themed birthday party

  • Details : On 1st June 2013 at a private residence in Melbourne, Australia

Kushi Event Planning DID A FANTASTIC JOB for my kids birthday party.....from the time I gave her the idea of a Madagascar theme party, ideas were flowing and I LOVED them. Ideas were practical, simple and more importantly kids friendly....
She is such a cheerful person who is so easy to work with..
It was so stress free to hire her cos she was spot on time and got everything ready....
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone who needs an event planner for any occasion. She has a born talent on planning a unique party to any budget according to your needs..

Good luck Kushi and THANK YOU once again....


  • Client : Maria Devaron

  • Event : Baby Shower Luncheon

  • Details : On 14th January 2013 at Pier 35 in Port Melbourne, Australia

Dear Kushi,

I just wanted to say a big 'Thank you' for my recent Surprise Baby Shower which you organised for me at Pier 35 on January 14th.

As you saw - I was very genuinely "surprised". It was such a wonderful lunch and I can’t believe you managed to pull it all together so secretly especially when I sit beside you in the office!!!

As I have told you before you ooze creativity from every pore and coupled with your gorgeous warm and sunny personality you deliver such a personalised special experience for every client, whether it be a couple’s dream wedding, a child’s fairy tale birthday party or surprise baby shower for a work colleague!

I was particularly impressed with your attention to detail – the personalised menus, beautiful vases of roses wrapped in lace and wool and of course lots of green touches – my favourite colour.

I look forward to planning my kids’ birthdays with you!!




  • Client : Francine Manansala

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 28th October 2012 in Sydney, Australia

Kushi assisted me with my wedding preparations during 2012. She was very helpful in her suggestions and much needed guidance for someone like me who had never planned an event of this size.

Kushi’s knowledge of quotations and pricing was integral in my decision making and it was comforting to have someone there to throw ideas around.

Kushi has also been very helpful in assisting me with planning other events such as a conference dinner. She replied to my questions promptly and with many ideas and pictures which made it easier to visualise.

I would recommend Kushi’s service to anyone needing assistance with event planning. Not only does she know her business but she is very pleasant and enthusiastic to work with. 


  • Client : Palingu Aponso

  • Event : Angry Bird Party and Garden Tea Party for kids Birthdays

  • Details : On 29th September and 6th of October 2012 at a private residence in Whagarei, New Zealand

Dear Kushi,

Thank you so much for undertaking the mammoth task of planning and coordinating Taren & Mikayla’s birthday parties on back to back weekends.  We are ecstatic with the outcomes of both parties and the kids just had a blast, which says it all. 

Kushi is the consummate professional when it comes to event planning and co-ordinating.  Her friendly and calm demeanour takes the stress out of planning an event, making it more fun, exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved.  The moment I mentioned to her which themes I wanted for the two parties, she put herself to work and came up with these amazing ideas on how to make it all happen.  The best part was how simple, practical and affordable it all worked out be in the end.  Her attention to detail, together with excellent creativity skills and fantastic DIY crafts make each and every event she plans very unique and highly personalised.  She is also extremely efficient and organised which made planning a second b’day party exactly a week later, quite easy and stress-free.  She was able to transform our simple backyard from a 5 year old boy’s “angry birds party” theme to a completely different setup for “Mikayla’s Lavender Tea Party” focussing on all things a 3 year old girl would love!

I highly recommend Kushi Event Planning to anyone who is looking for a friendly, reliable, efficient and extremely professional event planner who is willing to go out of her way to make your party/function a successful one!! All the best Kushi and look forward to working with you again!!

Thank you!!!! 


  • Client : Nelum and Gavin Jayasekera

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 4th January 2012 at Hilton Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka

I highly recommend Kushi for her superb organizing skills. She is definitely the one you should speak to, if you want your day to flow as smooth as possible!! She is efficient, energetic and systematic and takes all the pressure off you. Guaranteed. She is not only practical but gives the best advice in town and knows who to contact for what if you want her recommendations.

I was able to enjoy my wedding because I knew Kushi was there, it was such a load off my shoulders and I knew I couldn't have done it without her. Though she wasn't involved in the planning and designing, she made sure the event turned out exactly as I wanted it to be!! Thank you Kushi!!!


  • Client : Buddhi and Chathura Liyanagama

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 15th December 2011 at Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka

From my own personal experience, I can say without any hesitation, Kushi is the perfect planner you want to plan your big day if you just don't want to handle any amount of stress for yourself ...Her work ethic is second to none..and the calmness she brings in would make you feel how easy it is to organize a wedding even in the most trying situations..We had to organize ours in a very short period of time and thanks to Kushi not only we had the perfect wedding we had the most amazing time at our always hear how people say after their wedding day how tired they are..but for us we could have easily gone for round 2 next day if we wanted to...I will put all that down to Kushi's organizing skills and time management skills...So if you want to have peace of mind on your big day and most importantly just sit back and ENJOY your big day..then Kushi is the wedding planner you want by your side...



  • Client : Renee and Jabba Heasley

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 9th April 2011 at Devonport Naval Base & Fernz Lodge Birkenhead in Auckland, New Zealand

We were in a unique situation when it came to planning and organising our wedding. My Maid of Honour married one of our Groomsmen two weeks before hand. My future Hubby, who is serving in the NZ Navy, was deployed till the week of our wedding. So under the normal stress that comes with planning there was this crazy, yet amazing month that was full of hens parites and weddings. There came a time when I realized that I could not handle this all on my own. 

Enter Kushi, our fantastic wedding planner. Although she came late in the piece she has an amazing help. Her relaxed, easy, friendly attitude made me feel confident in her ability to help me organise our day from the moment that I met her. She was able to call all of my suppliers, padre, makeup artist and hairdresser to make sure that they knew where they had to be and when. This left me able to enjoy the last night of being officially a 'Hebden', and to relax with my family and two wonderful bridesmaids. 

On the day of the wedding she ran errands like picking up the flowers which gave my Dad a chance to breathe, run through his speech and get ready for his daughters wedding. Kushi helped coordinate the guests at our chapel and worked efficiently and effectively with our MC to get all of the guests seated and then went on to organise them when it was time to take all of the group photos. At our reception she blended in with the guests so that things were able to run as smoothly as hoped. All in all her professional manner and attitude made the day run so well with no added stress or pressure on myself or my husband, which really helped make our day. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any of our friends who are getting married, in fact I already have!




  • Client : Ruwan and Aarti Premathilaka

  • Event : Baby Shower

  • Details : On 27th February 2011 at a private residence in Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Kushi,

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful event you had planned for us. As discussed I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone that is looking to organize an event whether it be for twenty people or a two hundred people. I loved the way you managed to get everything together starting from a detailed spreadsheet to putting everything in place to make a simple backyard look amazing. You also managed to work well with our family and friends and made sure they were involved just enough yet at the same time kept everything working smoothly. Also I must thank you for working so well with our small budget to produce so much, especially the lovely decorations. 

All in all it was an amazing evening and we cannot thank you enough. I’m sure we’ll be in touch for our baby’s birthday bash! 

Thank you,

Ruwan & Aarti




  • Client : Ksenia and Nic Tauroa

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 19th February 2011 at a private property in Orere Point, New Zealand

Dear Kushi,

I would really like to say a huge thank you for making our dream wedding come true. We are so grateful for you guidance and help with communicating with the various suppliers. Your calm demeanour even when things weren’t going right in the lead up to the day really helped both Nic and I relax and not panic. It was great to have someone with such enthusiasm direct all parties in the right direction and to keep everyone on the same page. I was especially impressed with the way you were able to assimilate your self into the planning process with such ease even though you joined the planning a month or so out from the big day. Your attention to details and emotions went beyond the call of duty. We couldn’t have hoped for better. 

Thank you for making our day so perfect.

All the best,

Ksenia and Nic Tauroa


  • Client : Sachini and Charaka Ranasinghe

  • Event : Wedding

  • Details : On 10th April 2010 at Formosa Golf Resort in Pohutukawa Coat, New Zealand

Dear Kushi,

We really want to thank you on the fabulous work you did for us on 10th April 2010, for our wedding reception. You always have been a wonderful friend for us; but it was the time we realised, how understanding, creative and talented you are in wedding planning. Your excellent management and dedication made both of us relaxed right up to the end. Your hard work was shown through the glorious decorations, and they made our dream on our special day. We both are always lucky to have you by our side.

Thank you again for making our day so memorable and wish you all the very best for a wonderful future.

Sachini & Charaka